The Makers

We're Eddie and Alison Moffett (from the video)Eddie Moffett and Alison Moffett

We met in Los Angeles in 2009. Got married in 2011, had a couple kids, lost our god damn minds in a panic when Covid hit, and moved to Rochester Hills, Michigan. We've been here a few months, and can say without doubt that it does not suck. Well, of course some things suck, as some things always do, everywhere, but the degree to which things suck here, is somewhat low when compared to the rest of the country...especially as of late. So, we'll stay a while. 

Anyway, in addition to a feature film and a buncha songs, we're the proud visionaries who brought you an engagement ring box containing not an engagement ring, but a miniature farting butt. In fact, the original product name was, "ass-in-a-box," until we realized mass appeal might require something a bit more "cute." The original model was also anatomically correct, and thusly rejected by one of the largest novelty item retailers in the country on the grounds that, "virtually every woman in our office found it offensive." So we toned it down, resulting in the cute little blue-jeaned posterior you see today. 

The idea for a gag gift like The Moon Ring came form a conversation Eddie had on a date many many many moons ago (pun intended). The woman insisted that if her prospective life partner didn't buy her "the right ring," he couldn't possibly know her well enough, and she would be forced to decline his proposal. That night didn't end well, but Eddie wished desperately at that moment that the moon ring was in his pocket.

The Moon ring is HAND CRAFTED. 

Process of making the moon ring

It takes us quite a while to make each one of these little bastards, but we do so with pride. If response is good enough, we'll move to factory production, but for now, we cast, paint and assemble every unit.

Lastly, to anyone whose first thought was, "what idiot would give that to his fiance!?" You're not thinking it through... It's pretty obviously not for actual marriage proposals. It's for couples with a sense of humor. Think of your drunk grandfather and exceptionally tolerant grandmother. Or, your "funny" uncle. Or hell, just a guy in a bar who wants to break the ice. The possibilities are endless.

If you have any questions about anything at all, hit us up at one of these fine virtual addresses and one of us will get right back to you.

-Eddie & Alison