The Moon Ring™ - (Free Same Day Shipping in the US)

The Moon Ring™ - (Free Same Day Shipping in the US)

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The Moon Ring is a ring box that contains no ring. Instead, it contains a tiny butt that farts when the box is opened. It's obviously not for marriage proposals but it IS for anyone with a sense of humor; your funny drunken grandfather would love to give it to your endlessly tolerant grandmother.

  • Great gag gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversary, retirement, white elephant, April Fools, or to break the ice on a first date.
  • White leatherette ring box is authentic - typically used for engagement rings. (it looks real).
  • Interchangeable batteries included that last over a year with normal use.
  • Kids LOVE it! (cuz ya know, it farts.)

NEW v2.0 (AS of 3/21/18) The MOON RING is now LOUDER! 

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