Changing the Moon Ring Batteries

Usually, they last a loooong time. I have several that are still going strong 1yr later.

But, if by chance the inevitable has occurred sooner than expected, and your batteries have died, fear not.

For they can be changed.

It's pretty darn simple if you take your time and be careful.

Here's a video:

But the steps are:
1. Use a butter knife to pry out the sound unit.
    -The little guy, felt,speaker, sound board, and the stand upon which it all rests are connected and will pry out as one piece.
    -In the video I pry it out where it meets the hinge of the box, but BE CAREFUL, as that's where the sound board and batteries are.
    -If something feels like it's breaking, try prying it out from one of the other sides.

2. Once the unit is out, on the bottom you'll see the two battery housings.
    -Apply light pressure with your thumb to the top of one battery housing as you pry up the guard pin that keeps the battery in place (use the butter knife).
    -Be careful not to squeeze too hard. The connections between the batteries and their housings are easily upset and can ruin your soundboard if damaged.
    -You want to apply just enough pressure to the tops of the battery housings to keep them from moving as you pry up the pin. -Just enough to counter the upward force of the knife as you pry up the pin. Too much pressure will bend the housings downward, and too little will allow the leverage of the knife to bend them upward. Bend=bad.

3. Once the pin is pried up, Use the end of the butter knife to push the battery out of the housing.

4. Insert the new battery, carefully push the pin back down  (repeat this process for both batteries), and reinsert the sound unit into the bottom of the ring box.

That oughta do it!

Or, send it to me with $2.50 to cover return shipping and I'll do it for you. Let me know it's coming by emailing me at


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