Harmless Pranks (well, sort of)

Listed below are some of my favorites. Please share your own in the comments.


#1. “Multiple Hidden Alarm Clocks”

A roommate once dumped a bucket of ice water on my head while I was in the shower. She thought it was hilarious. A brief digression: somehow it’s ok for a chick to do that, but if a guy friend did it, I’d be livid. Since she had no penis, I had to laugh it off. Had she had a penis I would have kicked it. But anyway, she did that, and it sucked, so I went out and bought 5 tiny travel alarm clocks (yes, this was before cell phones). They were only $2.99 each, and quite often the more one spends on a prank, the better the payoff.  I set each alarm clock to go off in succession at 3am, 3:10, 3:20, 3:30, and 4am.  I then hid them in various locations around her room. I even buried one in the dirt of her houseplant. That night I locked my door. The next morning she did not speak to me. But the next night she laughed.


#2.”Expose Your Coworker’s Examination of Inappropriate Content on His/Her Screen”

Step 1: Find link to penis enlargement video on youtube.
Step 2: Send link to coworker.
Step 3: Wait behind coworker with camera.
Step 4: Send photo to other coworkers with caption, "Hey Pete, whacha lookin at?"



#3. “Two Remotes – Same TV”

Covertly use your remote to combat the efforts of your friend who THINKS he or she has control of the TV.  Act disgusted by his/her inability to change a channel or adjust the volume. After pulling this once, and revealing the truth to my unsuspecting fool of a friend, he yelled “FUCK YOU!” and threw his remote at my head. It grazed my ear, smashed into the wall and fell to pieces. That was a one-off…


#4. High Intensity Halogen Lamp Leaning Against the Sliding Glass Door.

If you have a friend who’s room has a sliding glass door to the outside, and you own a $19.99 Ikea special halogen lamp, just lay it on it’s side outside the door with the top pressed up against the glass. It will look like the sun shining into his room. This can be done multiple times because upon waking up, the prankee, in his or her half-awake state will always think it’s somehow daytime before realizing, “Oh, Ed put the fucking lamp against my door again.” It’s always funny.


#5. Cat’s Ass in Friend’s Face.

Drawing dicks on a passed-out friend’s forehead is pretty cliché these days.  The hip new in-thing is holding a cat’s soft furry ass against his face and snapping a series of pics. Hopefully it leaves a stench on his nose. When he wakes up and asks, “what the fuck is that horrible smell?” you can say, “I don’t smell anything…” and send him a pic.


#6. Enter Embarrassing Contacts Into a Friend’s Phone

A little tough to enjoy the punchline, but if you time it right and can sustain the wait of the long con, this is pretty great. You simply change your contact info in a friend’s phone to something like “GAY BATHHOUSE APPOINTMENTS,” then call at opportune times. Hopefully his wife will see the caller ID. Somehow wives always do…


#7. Fishing Line from Chair to Each Item on Desk

Run fishing line from the base of your coworker’s chair, under and around the back of his/her desk, and tie it to each individual item on the desk, i.e stapler, tape, etc. Make sure the chair is tucked under the desk, and the line is taught. When your coworker arrives and pulls the chair out to sit down, get ready to run. To laugh and run.


I’ll add more as they come to me…

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