The Moon Ring Gift Box

The Most Romantic Proposal...Ever.

The wine is chilled, the flowers fresh. Everything is perfect.

As he drops to one knee the anticipation builds...

Her heart skips a beat as he  begins to lift the lid of the symbolic white gift box in his hands. When it's opened, instead of a glistening diamond, she sees a tiny butt that farts on repeat until the fart box is closed.

At the Moon Ring we can only hope she has a sense of humor... A REALLY GOOD sense of humor.

The Moon Ring - It Farts When You Open it!

The Moon Ring is a ring box that contains no ring. Instead, it contains a tiny butt that farts when the box is opened. This fart box is obviously not a gift for marriage proposals, but it IS for anyone with a sense of humor. Our gift box is perfect for your partner's birthday, anniversary, Christmas or on Valentine's day.

Your funny drunken grandfather would love to give it to your endlessly tolerant grandmother. A great story to tell your grandchildren.