The Moon Ring

THE ORIGINAL Moon Ring®©™ - It Farts When You Open it!

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NOTE: THIS is the home of The Moon Ring, invented, and operated by the inventors, Eddie & Alison Moffett.

Other than our listings on Amazon, and Etsy, this is the only place you can get a REAL Moon Ring®© (and the cheapest). There is a growing list of scam sites (below) whose owners have stolen our images and are lying, saying they have our product for sale. They don't. We make it by hand at home and supply to no one. When people get duped into buying these knockoffs at scam sites like,, etc. here's a video of what they get... -Just a cheap plastic butt rolling around inside a ring box. No speaker = no fart / no fun. Then when the buyer realizes he or she has been duped and submits for a return, there's either no communication, or they offer to accept the return, if the buyer pays for return shipping to China. Sweet deal. 

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The Moon Ring is a ring box that contains no ring. Instead, it contains a tiny butt that farts when the box is opened. It's obviously not for marriage proposals but it IS for anyone with a sense of humor; your funny drunken grandfather would love to give it to your endlessly tolerant grandmother.

  • Great gag gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversary, retirement, white elephant, April Fools, or to break the ice on a first date.
  • White leatherette ring box is authentic - typically used for engagement rings. (it looks real).
  • Interchangeable batteries included that last over a year with normal use.
  • Kids LOVE it! (cuz ya know... it farts.)

NEW v2.0 (AS of 3/21/18) The MOON RING is now LOUDER! 

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